WARNING: This Product Contains Nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Red Cap Juice Co (60ML) - Ritual Distribution

Red Cap Juice Co (60ML)

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Red Cap Juice Co (60ML)



Irish Lass:  Strawberry custard with 5 different vanilla/creams and multiple strawberry flavors finished off with a touch of Irish Cream. Irish Lass is super smooth and surprisingly complex . Irish Lass is very popular, and an easy candidate for your new All Day Vape.


Lovestruck: Is a fantastic, bright and crisp tropical fruit punch. Tangy Pineapples are leading this profile quickly followed by a smooth blend of juicy oranges, crisp apples, and sweet passion fruit. This profile is then wrapped up with a fresh and fantastic melon finish.


Blue Berry Waffles: Another favorite that surprises most who give it a shot. BBW tastes like rich blueberry waffles that have been smothered in butter and fresh maple syrup.


Purple: Isn't a very complex flavor. It is a lightly tart and refreshing vape. Some say they can feel the carbonation, others think it's like a grape popsicle... but most agree it tastes like Purple.


Lineage: The inspiration for Lineage came from my Dad, and Grandfathers. Between my dad's love for pistachios, his dad's love for honey roasted peanuts, my great grandfathers love for smoking a pipe, and my grandfather on my mom's side who also smoked and quit using candy. Notably the caramels with the cream centers. I took something from each of them and put them into a flavor profile that couldn't have a more accurate name.


Limelight: Is a great Key Lime Pie. It's hard for to make it sound more tantalizing than that. Let's Try. Limelight is a well balanced flavor with a tangy lime up front with a quick creamy transition into a fantastic graham finish.


Stretzel: Inspired by Strawberry Pretzel Salad, a dish we quickly realized basically nobody knows about... Stretzel is a savory and balanced blend of sweet strawberries, cream cheese/cheesecake sitting on top of a pretzel crust.


Jfbg: Juicy Fruity Bubble Gum. Not much more to say about that. It's a familiar flavor that is now able to be found without having to chew anything! This is a spot on profile that is sweet, dense and fruity.


Gwen: Gwen is a spectacular BANANA CREAM-  Reminiscent of that awesome family favorite banana pudding vanilla wafer desert... Gwen has a smooth natural banana up front, then you're hit with the rich cream and followed up with a sugar cookie and graham finish.


Kingsman: In one word, Classy. Kingsman is a carefully crafted profile featuring bourbon, coconut, brown sugar and almonds. Just like putting on a tuxedo, Kingsman can change your attitude. Customers have a very polar attitude to this profile, They either are afraid to try it because of the bourbon (or the coconut) or they absolutely love it. Step out of your comfort zone and try something different!



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